We have come to this world to learn and to teach something. We have the responsibility to leave this world in a better shape than it was before us.


To learn and teach others how to make their lives easier, more enjoyable and more interesting.

Work Purpose

Help leaders in small organizations or community associations to enhance productivity and profitability by increasing job interest and job satisfaction for their employees and themselves, and provide better services or products for their customers.


* Self –expression – to do a work that allows expressing one’s best talents, qualities and skills.

Creativity – to have fun while creating something beautiful and useful by bringing an idea to the material world.

Learning – to be able to satisfy the natural human intellectual curiosity.

Contribution – to have the satisfaction of doing a meaningful work that makes someone else’s life better.

Bliss – to live a good life with plenty of joy and satisfaction.

Compassion – to be able to see the human being behind the professional.

Sense of belonging – to be part of a group of people that share the same values.

Talents and Strengths

Talent is an innate ability or skill. Talents cannot be learnt but developed.

* Communication through speech
* Cooperation
* Drive to make beautiful things
* Visual expression
* Imagination and vision

Strength is an innate way of behaving, thinking or feeling that allows optimal functioning and performance.

* Amiable
* Resourceful
* Curious
* Honest
* Empathetic